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Residential Roofing

As a homeowner in Delaware, OK, you know that your roof is an essential part of your property. It protects you, your family, and your belongings from the weather, adds curb appeal, and ultimately increases the value of your home. To ensure that your roof stays in excellent condition, you need to invest in the right residential roofing services. Here at Crosby’s Roofing LLC, we are experts in residential roofing and want to help you better understand what we offer.

1. Roof Inspection

The first step towards ensuring your roof stays in top condition is to have it inspected regularly. Crosby’s roofing LLC offers roof inspections to our residential clients in Delaware, OK. We inspect the entire roofing system and check for damage, aging, and other issues that may cause the roof to fail. By getting regular roof inspections, you can identify problems before they turn into more significant issues that require expensive repairs.

2. Roof Repair 

Roof repairs are necessary whether you have a new roof or an older one. The harsh weather conditions in Delaware, OK, can cause significant damage to your roof over time, such as leaks and cracks. Crosby’s roofing LLC offers residential roofing repair services to help you address these issues. We use top-quality materials and proven methods to fix your roof, ensuring it remains sturdy and functional.

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3. Roof Replacement 

Despite regular maintenance and support, your roof won’t last forever. Over time, it will start to age, and the material will deteriorate. In such cases, you may need a roof replacement. Crosby’s roofing LLC offers roof replacement services to residential clients in Delaware, OK. We ensure to work with the best quality materials and follow manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure that your new roof will last for years.

4. Storm Damage Assistance 

The severe weather conditions in Delaware, OK, can cause significant damage to your roof. From hailstorms, high winds, and heavy rainstorms, your roof may need repair or replacement. At Crosby’s roofing LLC, we understand the urgency of storm damage, and we provide emergency repair and storm damage assistance to our residential clients. Our roofing experts will assess the damage and offer immediate assistance in restoring your roof.

5. Maintenance Plans 

To keep your residential roof in excellent condition for years to come, it needs regular maintenance. Crosby’s roofing LLC provides maintenance plans to our Delaware, OK, residential clients. Our professionals will conduct regular inspections and provide maintenance services to prevent further damage to your roof. The maintenance plans aim to keep your roof in shape and save you money in the long run.


Residential roofing services are essential to maintain the quality and value of your home in Delaware, OK. At Crosby’s roofing LLC, we offer a wide range of residential roofing services, from inspections, repairs, and replacements to storm damage assistance and maintenance plans. Our skilled professional roofers use quality materials and methods to provide top-of-the-line services. 


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